We deliver the IT solution you need – typically it's a blend of our services. Sometimes it's a bespoke service. The point is that we deliver a great service that will meet your needs.


Mac, PC and Android devices

Unlimited phone support

Remote computer support

Network configuration

Backup solutions

Data rescue & recovery


Anti-malware  & anti-virus

24/7 access

30 years experience


PER Month


PER Year (save18%)

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The Support Area

I know how important your computer devices are to the running of your business and everyday life. Now it is even easier to access my trusted and reliable services.

By signing up to my new platform you’ll have full Simms Support on demand.

We have a dedicated development team whose sole purpose in life is to make portal better. We take on board your comments and feedback and incorporate them as best as we can to make managing your IT estate and services as simple as it can be.

We use the latest technology and continue to ensure that the Client Portal is the best that it can be.

The Client Portal is ideal for small businesses and families to have continuous IT support anytime at affordable monthly payments.