We deliver the IT solution you need – typically it's a blend of our services. Sometimes it's a bespoke service. The point is that we deliver a great service that will meet your needs.



North-West London, UK

We can fix most computer issues remotely

Established since 1992 as an individual IT support consultant offering strategic IT support, for both in domestic homes and businesses. Simms Computers quickly expanded to meet the demand for managed IT solution and support services.

Throughout the years I have been providing full turnkey IT support solutions, from repairs and upgrades for PC and Apple Macs, replacement hardware to Malware, virus removal and Data Recovery as well as delivery of tailored IT solutions across all major small business sectors.

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What Clients Say?

"I’ve been using Simms Computers for about 10 years as the company that I chose to manage all of mine companies computer maintenance and hardware repairs or upgrades. They are extremely reliable and cost is fair compared to other IT Support firms that like to over charge for the work they do. I would highly recommend Simms Computers."

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"I run a law practice firm and using computers are fundamental to the work we do and ensuring the maintenance of our computers is vital. Simms Computers have provided such services for my business for the past 5 years. No matter the issue Simms Computers are always at hand to resolve technical issues and I would not hesitate to recommend their services."

Insolvency & Law

"I recently set up a new business, which provided training and I required a number of computers to be set up as well as the set up my internet. Simms Computers was recommended to me as a company that can help provide affordable PC’s and set them up. They were reliable and reasonably priced and I would happily recommend to any business."

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